Planning Phases

Planning Phases

1.  Wealth Accumulation and Asset Protection

During your working years, emphasis is on:

Growth of Assets and Family Wealth

  • Active Investment management to save and invest for specific capital needs and to generate passive income in the future, in the most tax efficient manner.

Protection of Income Sources for Family and Business Needs

  • Life insurance for loved ones to replace lost income, pay off debts and fund education costs.
  • Disability Income to replace income lost in the event of an accident or illness that prevents you from working or reduces earnings.
  • Business life insurance to provide liquidity for the loss of a key employee or to fund a buy-sell agreement between business partners. 

2.  Retirement Income Planning

Focus is to coordinate income sources such as pensions, retirement savings, social security and business ownership interests.

  • Transition from an accumulation investment strategy to provide sustainable income during retirement and preserve assets.
  • Optimize timing to maximize Social Security benefits or other retirement options.
  • Plan for retirement healthcare needs and potential Long Term Care expenses.

3.  Legacy and Estate Transfers

Ultimately we plan to efficiently and equitably gift assets to children and/or Charitable Organizations - with minimal estate transfer tax consequences.

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